How to make a cheap, sweet treat!

Summer ends as we transition into fall, and what better way to end the season with a fun new Popsicle recipe? The recipe seems simple enough, but word on the street is that the taste doesn’t live up to the look.

With that said, here’s what you’ll need: Sprite, Haribo gummy bears, and popsicle trays. All of these items can be bought at your local Walmart.


The “to-do” is quite simple. Throw some gummy bears in the trays and fill with sprite! Due to the consistency of gummy bears, be intentional about how you place them in the


trays so they can be evenly distributed. Once frozen for a few hours, slowly twist and pull the popsicle out of the tray to make sure it’s frozen onto the plastic base.


Enjoy this picture of me in my Lipscomb shirt enjoying my fresh made popsicle!

Although this treat is low-cost and easy to make, I did run into one minor flaw. When I took my first bite with the gummy bear, the exterior of it had a consistency similar to apple sauce, while the interior was still stiff like a normal gummy bear. My only thought was this could be due to the carbonation in the soda…

With that said, my advice would be to allow the soda to go flat and then fill your popsicle trays.

Overall cost: $4

Overall time: 3 hours

Overall DIY: Of course!

What’s your favorite sweet treat recipe? Be sure to answer here so I can give it a try!