How to bring the outdoors in

Many of us love the idea of adding greenery to our homes but struggle to care or feed for live plants. This week I took on the challenge of creating a unique display of nature to “freshen” up a room. This simple wall display can be created for your personal home, or even as  a wedding backdrop. For different variations of this project and my inspiration see here.

There are a few things you’ll need to complete this project.


  1. A stick: I suggest searching in your yard for one rather than buying a wooden rod at any store. This will enhance the outdoor environment in your piece.
  2. Two types of greenery: Both of these pieces were purchased at Michaels in the greenery section of the store. I suggest buying two different types of greenery to hang: one floral piece and one thin greenery piece. For this project you will need five individual strands to fill the tree limb.
  3. Wire Cutters: These can be purchased at Home Depot for around $3. They did the job quite nicely.
  4. Twine
  5. Clear String: I decided to use a brand called “Stretch Magic” for this project. This specific string will probably be located in the jewelry section of many types of crafts stores.

Directions: To begin you’ll want to wrap the twine around both edges of the branch about 1-2 inches thick. This will create a way to hang your piece upon completion.


Following, you’ll want to tie each greenery piece to the branch with your stretch string starting with the center piece to evenly space the five pieces of greenery. I suggest tying multiple knots due to the texture of this specific string.


These pieces of greenery came with a plastic ring on the end of them which was super helpful.

Once completed, cut the desired length of the five greenery pieces to hang on the wall desired. Grab a nail and hammer to place the piece where you desire in your home.


Overall cost: $20-30

Overall time: 30-45 minutes (I don’t count the time I branch searched…)

Overall DIY: YES.

Do you have a favorite activity you like to do in the fall or a favorite fall flower to decorate with? Let me know here!