How to create honeycomb shelves from popsicle sticks

Whether you’re shopping for decor in your first house, first dorm room, or that blank wall in your home, every decor section seems to be filled with geometric shapes. This week I decided to give a go these simple, affordable shelves a try. You can find the instructions I followed here.

The instructions I followed were quite simple and to the point, but I found a few things I wished I would have known….

To begin you’ll need to purchase/have popsicle sticks (100 for the individual shape below and around 200 for the three-sided shelf), wood stain (I used the color “golden oak”), a paint brush, tacky glue, and probably a bit of patience. TIP: You can buy everything in one trip at Michael’s and use my favorite coupon app, “Retail Me Not” for some awesome discounts at the register.


Once you’ve collected your supplies, you’ll want to lay out the six-sided shape with popsicle sticks and trace three lines on every other stick (see left picture below). That way you can put a dot of tacky glue on the edges and begin to stack your sticks on top of one another. I decided to layer my shelves 16 sticks high.


To create the larger shelf you’ll need to tape four pieces of paper together to trace your border of the shape you desire. I suggest laying them like you’re going to create three hexagons and then taking out the center sticks so it’s completely open in the middle. Similar to before, trace every other stick and glue down until you have 16 sticks high of edges.



Once completed, grab your paint brush and stain and have at it! I recommend laying down a garabage bag underneat your project just in case of any spills. After your shelves dry, grab some nails and a hammer and pick your wall!


*Reminder: These shelves were not meant to hold heavy objects.



Overall Cost: $15

Overall Time: 3 Hours

Overall DIY? Absolutely!


Have a DIY project you’d like me to put to the test? If so, leave the link or project name in the reply box here.