How to make a laundry basket for tight spaces

As a college student, living on campus can sometimes feel like living in shoe box. Students are required to get creative in the way they store their clothing, toiletries and many school supplies. An object like a laundry basket can bring challenges to space if living in small dorm room. Have you ever heard of a hanging laundry basket? Well, I hadn’t until visiting for directions on how to create a hamper for tight living spaces.

This project was super-quick and easy to do, and you only need a few items to make it!


  1. A pillowcase: I grabbed a king-size pillowcase from Target to give my hamper more depth to fit my multitude of clothes.
  2. An embroidery hoop: Be sure to buy your pillow case first to make sure the circumference of it will fit around the hoop. You can purchase these at Jo-Ann along with the other items listed below.
  3. Grommets/Grommet setting tool: There are many types of grommets, to choose from. I decided to go with the screw-in grommets which turned out to be more difficult than I expected with fabric. I would suggest purchasing normal grommets and a matching grommet tool set (you’ll need a hammer for this type).
  4. Scissors: To cut the fabric.
  5. A screwdriver: If you decide to go with the screw-in grommets.
  6. A hook(not pictured): To hang on the wall. In my case, I used a nail and hammer to place it on the wall.




The “how-to” part of this project is quite simple. Begin with cutting a hole appropriate to your grommet size two inches or so below the edge of your pillowcase. Then you’ll take the inner wood piece of your embroidery hoop and pull the pillowcase inside of the hoop to fold over the wooden piece. You will then take the outer wooden piece and screw around the edge of the interior one.


One completed, take the grommet and hang on your wall of choice or the inside of a closet door like I did!



Overall Cost: $25

Overall Time: 30 minutes

Overall DIY: Absolutely!


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