How to: a ghost jack-o’-lantern

As suggested/requested in my comments to last week’s post, this week I have decided to embrace the fall season and carve a pumpkin! The tools to create your pumpkin are quite simple, and with this DIY project you get to add your own creative flair!

With that said, here’s what you’ll need.




A pumpkin: Deciding on a pumpkin is half the fun of this project! There are so many great local pumpkin patches, especially here in Tennessee.

A pumpkin carving kit: Y’all, Michaels is my go-to for a crafts store. This could be due its close proximity to my university, and it always have coupons online. It has many different carving-kit options with different designs to choose from.

Any type of tape: This is only used to hold the design in place on the pumpkin.


Step 1: Cut the top of the pumpkin and gut the seeds.

A tip to cutting the stem of the pumpkin: Create a divot in a point on the circle to easily align the top back on.


Step 2: Tape design onto pumpkin.






Each design in the book I choose has lines on every edge, telling you where to fold it. These lines are so that the paper can lie flat on the pumpkin (for the most part) so tracing the design becomes much easier.






Step 3: Trace, dot, and carve the pumpkin.

The package I purchased came with five tools to help carve your pumpkin. I first used the roller tool (second from the left) to trace the easy lines of the picture. After, I used the thumb tack tool (on the left) to poke holes in the more difficult areas (eyes or skinny gaps). Once everything is traced feel free to remove the paper to then carve your pumpkin.






Overall Cost: $11

Overall Time: 90 minutes

Overall DIY?: Duh!


What’s your favorite image to carve on a pumpkin? Are you talented enough to ever free hand a design? Let me know!




5 thoughts on “How to: a ghost jack-o’-lantern

  1. savannahjwilson says:

    Pumpkins remind me of fall and get me excited for the chilly weather! I am terrible at carving them, but I have never used a carving kit! Maybe that is why my pumpkin always turned out so badly…I will definitely have to try again with a kit this year!


  2. KJTannehill says:

    This is so fun!! I am always wanting to carve pumpkins, but never know how to even tackle the project. Thank you for the step-by-step processes. Excited for some fun fall pumpkin decorating! 🙂


  3. mckenziegrey says:

    This is really cool! I always hate when I get a pumpkin and mess it up the first time I try to do something to it. I like how you put the instructions and the cost because we are college student so you know we like cheap stuff!


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